Satellite Orbit Determination

Welcome to the Satellite Orbit Determination home page. You will find programs I have written (in C++) and links to other pages related to earth satellites. The main purpose for this page is to have a place to distribute my satellite programs and to post links to some of the key web resources for this hobby.

I wrote this software for my own use and to perhaps make a contribution to the amateur satellite tracking effort. I have been computing satellite orbits based on observations posted on SeeSat-L. Orbits are regularly computed by several others who have more experience so I compute in private and use their results to check my efforts.

I occasionally post satellite positional measurements to the SeeSat list. I am refining my equipment and technique with a low light video camera and GPS video timestamp technology to do this accurately. My current equipment setup can be found here.

I am always happy to receive bug reports or suggestions for improvement.  Several individuals have effectively driven my program adjustments by reporting output anomalies or by requesting new features.

This page is frequently revised, so check back periodically to see what has been changed or what new material has been added.

 Last Update on 07/11/2012


NOSS 0rk by 3 clusters in Puppis

NOSS 2-1

NOSS 2-2

NOSS 2-3 C&E by Pleiades    NOSS 2- 3  D by Pleiades

NOSS 3-1

NOSS 3-1rk by M42

NOSS 3-2

NOSS 3-3 - shows how handy a zoom lens can be

NOSS 3-4

NOSS 5G by M37

DMSP F16 by M41

MILSTAR 6 gliding past Orion Nebula

ASTEROID FORTUNA OCCULTATION - watch the star at the center of the frame

Initial Orbit Determination

Orbit Improvement

Satellite Identification

Satellite Propagation

Radio Tracking

Orbital Elements

Utility Files and Tools

Miscellaneous Programs and Files


This list of links is small, but they are a good place to start. Linking from these pages will take you to almost every satellite related resource on the World Wide Web.

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